About a year ago my friend, Seth Yates, gave a message to my DTS about the power music has to influence us. I was radically challenged and convicted. How many times had I gone to music to dwell on my broken heart? Seth challenged me to be like King David, who was honest about his pain, but always remembered God's faithfulness—he didn't wallow in self pity.

So I've been on a hunt ever since to find music written by people with the heart of King David. I've erased all my music that exalted the pursuit of pleasure and exalted the power and satisfaction of money, romance or self-pity.

So here are two songs I've been listening that come from hearts that are searching for Jesus and reality as he defines it.
Sean Feucht joined us in our school last week with a wild story! Sean leads the Burn 24/7 movement—he's pioneered about 150 communities around the world that gathered on a monthly basis to do 24 or 48 hours of worship! The idea is to build a resting place for God, like David wanted to do when he asked God if he could build him a temple. 

He was in the Philippines right before Typhoon Haiyan hit in November leading 4,000 people in worship. Every Filipino knew the storm was about to hit and wipe them out—but they couldn't do anything about it! They didn't have the resources or the time to make strong shelters or evacuate. But they worshipped God anyways! 

And check out what God did! That's a satellite image of the storm—and that pie piece that's missing—exactly the region where these 4,000 were worshipping! Unbelievable! God protected the people in one of the most amazing miracles I've ever heard of! How does  spinning storm skip over a whole region like that? God is AWESOME!
What was that design meeting like? Can you imagine the creative guys sitting around the table? What are we going to name our new shoe?! Oh I know, the Wave Prophecy! Honestly?! How did that one happen?!

Jason is one of my favorite leaders in YWAM—it's been so fun to have him here with us in Kona! You remember my time in DC with him at David's Tent, right? He was so adamant about allowing God to speak to him through his new pair of shoes because the last pair of sneakers he bought were so significant. 

Two years ago, the time finally came when he felt like he could say the "wind was at their back" as they fought to establish a house of prayer in DC. He felt it was God speaking confirmation to him when he pulled out the tongues of the new sneakers he had just bought. Without knowing it, he purchased a new pair named the "Nike Tailwinds!"

If you're with us and believe we're on the verge of another wave of revival, you can buy yourself a pair of the Wave Prophecy 2's here! haha In the mean time, listen to Chloe Brennt's song about it and stir yourself up for what God has planned! (Chloe went to South Africa with me last year and her Dad helped establish the Circuit Rider Schools).
In our student services office they have these TV screens on the walls—with really cool data.  Let me explain what you're seeing here. Please feel free to geek out:

Picture 1 & 2: Global Media Outreach Please! Go watch the map light up for 10 minutes! It's INCREDIBLE! People from around the world are searching Google for more information about Jesus. Global Media Outreach (GMO) builds websites that present the gospel specific for each nation. Then they connect the people searching for Jesus with online missionaries to help disciple them and get them into churches to see them grow! Look at the numbers of visits every single day! People are so excited to hear about Jesus!

Picture 3: This is a map of every student that's coming to Kona for a DTS or secondary school next quarter! Come on—how cool is that?! We've got people from all around the world coming to join us! 

Picture 4: This one shows the number of students enrolled in each DTS and secondary school next quarter. We already have 198 students accept with just as many in the pipeline! 43 days to go! (countdown at the top).
We had an incredible week of teaching! Tom Osterhus taught on Biblical worldview and Old Testament overview. We are concluding the week with a 48 hour Bible Marathon! Every exploded in cheering last night as the first words were read, "In the beginning!"

And at our base, Thursday night family gathering, we had an archeologist displaying ancient biblical scrolls. The scrolls pictured are about 500-600 years old. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the really ancient papyrus ones. But he said in the last couple weeks they just found the oldest copy of the gospel of Mark ever discovered!  
We had a very enjoyable evening as "Masterpiece Theater" presented, "Modern Interpretations of Bible Favorites!" Each outreach team got props and costumes and had 15 minutes to come up with a skit chronicling some favorite Bible stories, including Elisha and the bear, Noah and the flood and Abraham and Isaac. It was a great family moment—full of laughs and of course, messing with our school leaders!
Okay, today was pretty awesome! Yes, he's just a regular man—but come on! He founded and leads the largest missionary organization in the world which has trained over 5 million people. He's the first person to ever travel to every nation. He's transforming the education system. He's spoken to King's and prophesied the fall of the Berlin Wall, the missionary movement in South Korea and is now trumpeting God's message that we're on the verge of a great global revival and mission's movement! And today, I got to ask him to pray for me! 

I'm going to spend my life, energy, creativity and resources building God's kingdom. It was a privilege to have Loren, who is an example of what God can accomplish with our obedience, ask God to use me powerfully for his purposes.

It was kind of like the 2nd grade milk monitor get a salute from the Secretary of Defense. Really cool.
Here's a piece of exciting news! Along with the incredible Michaela Gross, my co-leader, I will be leading a team to India this spring! And we've got a great group of students all eager to be a part of God's great mission, to see His Kingdom—the joy, peace and healing they're encountering in DTS—released to people who've never had the chance to experience God's goodness! 

We'll be in the slums, on university campuses, training the youth and practically loving those that need to know God is real and cares about them. It's really amazing how God can use a small group of 10 to make such a powerful impact! But that's the power of Jesus' good news combined with a whole-hearted "yes" to whatever God asks us to do! We're expecting to see Jesus' name become famous and people realize how loving and powerful he is! 

My South Africa team, from last year's outreach, had a reunion last night. We sat around the table and talked about how amazing it was to see how many of us came back to staff! Last year I got to invest in these 12 incredible people! And here's what each of them is doing now:

Matt: Joined Ekballo Project and is making films that are provoking my generation to go fulfill the great commission!
Chloe & Anna: Joined Furnace to Fields, a worship leading community that is building houses of prayer in the nations.
Dan & Caleb: Staffing Fire & Fragrance and leading a team to Nepal!
Tiger & Carrie: Staffing Fire & Fragrance and leading a team to the Philippines!
Christina & Chris: Staffing Fire & Fragrance and leading teams back to South Africa!
Kayla: Leading a staff outreach to India!
Chloe: Working with Circuit Riders in California and planning tours for over 100 college campuses this year!
Rick: Moved to Cape Town full time! He'll be hosting 3 Fire & Fragrance outreach teams coming this year!

I have high hopes for this year! And know the investment we make in our students this year can be the start of wild journey that changes the nations! And so, thank you! I love what I am doing and your support means so much to me!